Omnichannel Product Discovery Platform

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01. The Brief

In a competitive high-growth market, The Cannabist Co's rapid expansion created a fragmented tapestry of locally regulated retail brands.

Our assignment was to develop a discovery and acquisition platform to enable cohesion and cross-promotion across their expanding network.

02. The Approach

Through qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and data synthesis, we worked to validate our hypothesis that foundational beginners and casual consumer segments felt the need for a fresh approach to cannabis shopping.

By seeking to understand the operational needs and dependencies of new cannabis shoppers, we discovered that product attributes held very little relevance to users. Reorganizing the browsing and purchase flow around the user's mindset created an opportunity to translate mood into a more orienting browsing and selection experience.

Siberia developed a proprietary algorithm to power the product, using a dense set of data representing the thousands of different cannabis strains and the effect that they have when consumed.

By establishing a product roadmap early on, we were able to initially lay the groundwork for supporting the end-to-end experience while simultaneously concepting, testing and validating feature ideas that would differentiate the product in the long term.

"What I love about Columbia Care is the tech and innovation behind the company. It is always finding ways to create value for both its consumers and investors. The latest example of that is its cannabis discovery tool, Forage."

David Jagielski, The Motley Fool

04. Outcomes

Our work was launched in tandem with Columbia Care’s premier recreational cannabis brand, Cannabist. Since launch, Forage has been nationally recognized for redefining traditional dispensary shopping by delivering a seamless and personalized shopping experience to customers in-store, at home, and anywhere in between.

In the months following the launch of Forage success, The Cannabist Co announced an acquisition with Cresco Labs that will increase their combined footprint to 18 markets with over 150 dispensaries.


Mobile Buying Experience


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Columbia Care combines with Cresco labs to increase footprint to 18 markets with over 150 dispensaries.

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