We help our clients grow,
one digital product at a time


Siberia is a design and engineering company founded in 2013 with one mission in mind: build breakthrough digital experiences people love.

We’re organized around three core offerings.

Product Strategy

  • User Research / Segmentation
  • Product Definition
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Case / Rationale
  • Emerging Platform R&D

Product Design

  • UX & UI Design
  • Industrial Design / EE
  • Front / Back-end development
  • Compiled Programming
  • Native Mobile

Product Marketing

  • Product Story / Identity
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Onboarding Experience
  • Demos
  • Sales Enablement


Our clients ask us to help them attack and solve some of the most interesting challenges in the world.

  • We helped one of the largest car rental companies redefine the end-to-end rental experience with a mobile-first service that connects drivers and cars in radical new ways.

  • We helped a performance apparel company harness user data to enhance product discovery across all of its commerce platforms globally.

  • We helped a leading internet service provider build AI and conversational interfaces into its mobile platforms.

  • We helped a consumer electronics company explore new ways of interacting with its products by conducting in-depth in-home user testing.

  • We helped an iconic digital publisher unify programmatic media planning and buying across 26 disparate platforms globally.

  • We helped a digital music platform build a whole new business model.


  • Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

    We combine big imagination with a healthy pragmatism to ensure that our work is both iconic and implementable.

  • Copy-paste creativity be damned.

    We don’t believe in off-the-shelf strategy or cookie cutter solutions. Everything we do and deliver is custom and fit for purpose.

  • The best ideas are responsible.

    We work with clients and partners to implement ideas with care - for people, for communities, for the company, for the world.

  • Share & evolve, not disappear & defend.

    We work closely with clients at every step, collaborating broadly across appropriate teams, business units, functions and partners.

  • What we do is secret. Seriously.

    We take client data, IP, security and privacy very very seriously and ensure that every project is kept under lock and key.


Our teams come from diverse backgrounds like design, engineering, product management, brand strategy and business consulting. They organize around product lifecycles and integrate seamlessly with internal teams. Think of us as an extension of you.

  • Steven Duval Ruilova

    Steven Duval Ruilova

    Associate, Engineering

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    Eduardo Ortiz

    Director, Product

  • Cassie Gruenstein

    Cassie Gruenstein

    Director, Global Social Impact

  • Claire McCarthy

    Claire McCarthy

    Associate, Operations

  • Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens


  • Utku Can

    Utku Can

    Partner, Global Product

  • Kristine Pachuta

    Kristine Pachuta

    Director, Product

  • Sylwia Frommer

    Sylwia Frommer

    Lead, Design

  • Rob Eberhardt

    Rob Eberhardt

    Director, Engineering

  • Betsy Lin

    Betsy Lin

    Associate, Design

  • Brit Leek

    Brit Leek

    Associate, Design

  • Demetrio Gil

    Demetrio Gil

    Director, Business

  • Cynthia Chen

    Cynthia Chen

    Lead, Design

  • Derek Kinsman

    Derek Kinsman

    Lead, Engineering

  • Kristian Kruse

    Kristian Kruse

    Chief of Staff

  • Chris Miller

    Chris Miller

    Lead, Engineering

  • Bryan Swift

    Bryan Swift

    Partner, Engineering

  • Allen Wong

    Allen Wong

    Lead, Design

  • Stephen Hadinger

    Stephen Hadinger

    Partner, Global Design

  • Ben Roth

    Ben Roth

    Partner, Global Engineering

  • Darrell Whitelaw

    Darrell Whitelaw

    Founding Partner

  • Phil Gilman

    Phil Gilman

    Founding Partner


New York

New York

64 Allen St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002
+1 646 822 9574


San Francisco

San Francisco

2601 Mission Street, 7th fl.
San Francisco, CA 94110
+1 415 636 8017




The Prow, 1 Wilder Walk
London W1B 5AP
+44 (0) 20 3287 9972




Caroline-von-Humboldt-Weg 12
10117 Berlin, Germany
+49 (30) 22957700



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